How to Cure a Swollen Eyelid

Is your swollen eyelid an allergy?

There are two principal causes of non painful eyelid swelling, both of which can readily be resolved with the help of your eye care practitioner:

1. A swollen eye allergic reaction, for example to dust, pollen, or pets.

An allergy can cause the eyelid to swell and become puffy. The eye will often be red and itchy. This can be treated with anti allergy medicationsuch as eye drops, and removal of the cause of the reaction. 

2. A blockage of a gland in the eyelid can cause eyelid swelling. This can be as a result of infection, or an over production of fluid.

However, swollen eye allergy is the most common.

This swelling or cyst can be treated by regular application of a hot flannel (wash cloth) to the affected area.

Antibiotic eye medication such as eye drops can help but is not usually required.

Occasionally if the swelling persists it can be alleviated by a simple operation to remove the fluid.


Painful Swelling of the Eyelid.

Painful eyelid swelling is usually the result of trauma, or a rare but extremely serious infection such as orbital cellulitis and must be investigated thoroughly, as soon as possible after it occurs by a medical professional.

Other potential causes of a swollen eyelid are the eyelid inflammatorydisease blepharitis (inflammation of eyelids)or the common eyelid infectionknown as a Stye.

Also, a swollen eyelid can be a as a result of a chalazion(swelling on eyelid edge), and occasionally as a side effect of a blocked and infected sinus.

Do not forget after successful treatment of this eye condition to wash thoroughly any face cloths and in addition dispose of any eye make up you may have used whilst suffering from eyelid swelling.


Natural Remedies

“Simply wet a tea bag and place it on a swollen eyelid or stye. Keep it in place for 15- 20mins. Helps to reduce eyelid swelling and also painful styes.

Apparently the tannic acid whcih the tea bag contains, seems to be the active therapeutic ingredient.”

Thanks to Arlene from Houston Texas for this tip

Another natural cure for swollen eyes:

“Grated raw potato is recommended for curing puffy swollen eyes. You can use thin cool slices of potato as a poltice wrapped in cloth.You can leave this in placce for 15 or 20 mins to help reduce eyelid swelling.”

Thanks Brian UK for this tip.

“A few cool cucumber slices applied to the eyes whilst closed daily nightly or first thing in the morning, seems to help prevent swelling of the eyelids”: Veronica Canada

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