Online Eye Test – Have Your Vision Tested Online?

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Accurate online eye test: check your vision online.

If you suffer from some type of eye problem, you should get your eyes tested regularly.

There are variety of eye testing methods available these days and one of them happens to be online eye testing.

That’s right!

You no longer need to visit your doctor to get your eyes tested.

All you need to do is log into a website and take the test.

The online eye check provides the eye patient a chance to get their eyes tested from the comfort of their homes.

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while taking online eye tests.

1. Pixel size: Most of the online eye tests have various categories that ask the user to distinguish individual pixels. The problem is that different monitors support different pixel range; the ideal range will be 72 pixels per square inch.

2. Screen size: If your screen is larger than the one prescribed in the online exam, then you might have slight advantage over your peers taking the testing in a smaller screen. The reason is that a larger screen will most certainly show the object in a larger perspective.

3. Screen resolution: Make sure that monitor screen resolution is set at a value prescribed by the test website. Change your screen resolution first and then start the test.

4. Viewing distance and angle: Most of the online test allows the user to choose their own viewing distance and angle.

5. Anti aliasing: Make sure that the fonts are not anti aliased as they hinder the proper reading of the letters during the online test.

6. Lighting: Make sure that the room is well lit during the course of the test; a dimply lit room should be avoided. If lights are one you should position the screen in a manner so that the lights do not reflect from the screen.

7. CRT vs. LCD: LCD monitors are best suited for online eye checks as they do not flicker.

You need to keep one thing in mind; the online tests are not a complete replacement for the “visit to the doctor”.

After the test is over if you see a significant change in results from your previous results, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

If you have just recovered from an eye surgery it is recommended not to take the online test as the glare from the Computer screen may adversely affect the healing of your eye.


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