No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses are a clever solution for those who need help in order to see objects close-up AS WELL AS objects at a distance.

Benjamin Franklin created bifocal eyeglasses in 1784, because he grew tired of switching his glasses back and forth.

The up-close lens was on the bottom and the distance part of the lens on top. No longer did he need his two pair of eyeglasses to see close as well as at a distance.

An ingenious item for certain, but these days with the no line bifocal reading glasses, you do not have to have the line in the middle that tells the world you wear bifocals.

If you are one of the many people who have the same problem, the no line bifocal reading glasses are the perfect solution. No more trying to find those glasses to read the small print or the ones you need to drive. The no line lens looks like a regular pair of eyeglasses, without that annoying looking line in the middle.

No Line Bifocal Reading Glasses

Two Types of Bifocals

There are two different types of bifocal reading glasses. The glasses with the visible lines are called segmented. There is a second lens sitting within the larger one.

The new, improved bifocals have no visible line. These are a progressivelens and the two different prescriptions are blended together.

For Those Only Needing Reading Glasses

For a person who already wears prescription glasses, the bifocal combined prescription works great. What if you do not need glasses to see at a distance and do not want those tiny bifocals?

Now it is possible to purchase reading glasses that have the upper part of the lens non-prescription. This lets you wear any stylish pair you like, rather than the old-fashioned half spectacles for reading.


There are so many styles of eyeglasses to choose from these days. The need for bifocals no longer prevents a person from wearing something they like.

No more do you have to keep shoving those glasses up and down your nose to see clearly; the only one who will know you are wearing them, is you.

The fashion of prescription eyeglasses has come a long way over the years. From those flimsy little wrap around your ear glasses to the hottest designer fashion eye wear.


As we age, our eyesight is not always as good as it was. But just because you are mature in age, that does not mean that you cannot be fashionable and wear the type of eye wear you like the best.

No line bifocal reading glasses are stylish, and offer a younger-looking appearance. The traditional type of bifocals can sometimes remind us of granny and grandpa glasses. With the ability to shop online, you can discover just how many different styles and designs there actually are. Some places even allow for an upload of your face to do a virtual try-on to see what suits you best.


As well as a cosmetic advantage, no line bifocal reading glasses can make for a much more natural presbyopia correction with certain lenses called multifocal. These have an actual seamless type progression that enables you to view at all distances.

With a no line multifocal lens, looking at your book or computer is as easy as looking off into the distance.

How They Work

The lens has a corridor of power running vertically down each one. Your eye practitioner places this prescription in the exact location you need, using specific measurements suited to your unique vision.

This makes viewing at all distances much more comfortable. The no line bifocal lens with this progressive method eliminates what is called ‘image jump’ that most suffer from with the traditional lens.

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