Lasik Surgery Cost

Discover more about lasik surgery cost and learn how it may be MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE for you than ever.

The LASIK eye surgery price has reduced over the last few years.

This is a very helpful type of laser eye surgery that can remove the need for glasses or contact lenses.

This procedure is best known as LASIK, an acronym for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis.

It specialises and thrives in short-sighted cases although long-sighted cases still have a high rate of improved vision and clearness in sight.

Lasik surgery cost is normally in the region of $2000 per eye in the USA.

Over 90% of patients can achieve a 50-100% amount of vision revitalised.

98% of people, under all conditions, who take the surgery, can legally drive a car without needing glasses or contact lenses.

Many people believe that the Lasik surgery cost price is negligible when weighed with the discomfort experienced by people who wear glasses.

The procedure is hardly severe, although like any other surgery, side effects do occur but clinics are so confident of the success of this surgery it is hardly a concern.

The surgery is short and pain free. An Excimer Laser is used to diminish irregular shaping of the cornea so that light is correctly focused on the retina, therefore improving eyesight and resulting in a clearer image.

This takes about 20-30 minutes in the treatment room and you will only have to stay in the clinic for about 1 hour.

Local Anaesthetic eye drops are applied to anaesthetise the eye before the procedure and afterwards clear, shield-like contacts will be placed over your eyes to seal the cornea and then removed on the second visit the following day.

There are immediate results so much so that when you walk out of the surgery you will be able to see clearer already, although up to 4 days is advised before the full effects of the surgery are noted, as the cornea will take 3-4 days to regenerate.

The surgery is supposed to eradicate the need for glasses and contact lenses, or if not greatly decrease the need for them.

The idea of altering the cornea to improve eyesight in a person once it had deteriorated was first noted in 1940, and by 1992 the Excimer Laser was already operating on people with varied sight problems.

Over a million people around the world have now undertaken LASIK eye surgery, the immensity of them being very happy with the results and would recommend and repeat it.

Concluding whether LASIK eye surgery is the solution for you has some restrictions.

You must be over 18 years of age and if you have exceeded 55 years of age, this must be noted at the clinic and other recommendations may be made, although the vast majority of people over 18 with no medical conditions and other general health issues should be fine to undertake the surgery.

A trip to your chosen clinic providing LASIK eye surgery is provided before the surgery to finalise that it is a good option for you to choose into improving your eyesight and of course that their Lasik eye surgery price is within your budget.

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