Laser Eye Treatment – Is It The Answer To Improving Your Vision?

Laser eye treatment can seem like an extremely appealing route for those who want to get rid of their glasses forever.

Amongst the many popular methods of treatment that people forego is Intralase Lasik Laser Eye Surgery.

However, along with the benefits you also have to think about the risks involved, you’re other options and, most importantly, whether laser eye surgery is even right for you.

There are so many different factors to take into consideration before embarking on such a venture. We’ve outlined some of these below.

The stability of your prescription

If you’ve got a steady prescription that for the most part doesn’t change over the years, you should be fine to have surgery. However, if you find that you generally have to change your prescription regularly, laser eye surgery is probably not suitable for you.

Generally speaking, most agree that you need to have a stable prescription for around a year; measurements tend to vary for different equipment, but do think about getting a second opinion before you go through with it.

Are you otherwise healthy?

There are a number of conditions and ailments that would preclude you from having laser eye surgery, as any surgeon or optician will advise you.

If you suffer from dry eyes, diabetes or have large pupils, be sure to consult your optician beforehand.

It’s also not advisable to have laser eye surgery if you are pregnant, blind or partially blind in one eye or suffer from glaucoma. This isn’t a comprehensive list; please see a doctor or optician to find out the full range of ailments that will prevent you from being suitable for the surgery.

Be up to date on all possible risks

No one should embark on any kind of medical venture before being fully informed of all the risks involved. In rare occasions the procedure can result in dryness and irritation. This is because the lasers can affect part of the eye that prevents enough tears from being produced.

Another risk is the fact that your vision can actually start deteriorating with age, regardless of whether you have the surgery or not.

It is important that you consult an optician for further information into any potential risks that you may have personally.

Alternatives to Eye Surgery

If you’re unsuitable for laser eye surgery or just unsure of the procedure and wary of the risks involved, there are other alternatives. For instance, if you’re quite sporty and you find that glasses constantly get in the way, why not just try contact lenses?

You might also want to try out different prescriptions or get a secondopinion. Do as much research as possible before finalising your decision.

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Updated: October 6, 2013 — 5:44 pm

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