Jackie O Sunglasses

Jackie O Sunglasses have been categorized as celebrity sunglasses which are similar to those worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

They offer a very high level of UV protection and, like all great sunglasses, make the wearer feel private and protected but also sophisticated.

Best of all, they impart some mystery.

After the death of the John F Kennedy, the President of United States, his widow Jacqueline Kennedy – who was commonly known by the name Jackie Kennedy – got married to Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis.

After her marriage to the uber wealthy tycoon, she spent a lot of time in what was to become her signature casual beachwear.

Imagine a beautiful, wealthy, cultivated adult woman lounging on a yacht. She is cool and comfortable and definitely dressed for downtime. But she is also incredibly glamorous!

This was the seemingly easy but impeccably sylish look that that was very suitable for the islands of the Greek Mediterranean Sea.

The dark glasses would have protected her eyes from the considerable glare.

Hopefully they also gave Mrs Kennedy (oops Mrs Onassis) a sense of privacy.

It was during this span of her life that she started wearing the largeoversized sunglasses.

These sunglasses then came to be known across the world as the Jackie O style.

They are characterized by a large and oversized and dark lens.

The dark color and oversized round effect adds up to a big, bold statement.

Today their retro look and the cultural reference to the legendary Jackie O create a sense of fun along with the mystique.

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Updated: January 8, 2014 — 11:02 am

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