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A complete glasses guide to eyeglasses and spectacle lenses:

All the information you need to help you choose the correct eyewear after your eye test.

Research has shown that over 140 million of US citizens wear eyeglasses:

However, not many people wonder why some people appear smarter in eyeglasses than others.

Our glasses guide determines the comfort and beauty; the fashion, reassurance and elegance of eyeglasses.

As use of eyeglasses has gone beyond improvement of vision of those with sight challenges, eyeglass guide will really help make your eyeglass communicate your world view.

If you are reading this article, you are well on your way to find how our comprehensive glasses guide will help you select suitable harmony of colour shades, lens types and suitability, grandeur and size of frame shapes.

How then do you follow this eyeglass guide?

Adhere to the recommendations of a complete glasses guide to achieve perfection in your look.


You need eyeglass that will speak volumes about your identity. The first eyeglass-guide tip is that you must recognize your traits. What’s your persona? Are you stylish, young at heart, or stay-at-home person? This eyeglass guide says that you should consider every facet of your life- what are your different daily pursuits?

The basis for this glasses guide is that you will be able to know reasons and type of eyeglass you need. You can be sure that the same eyeglass that an efficient businessman wears will be different from that which a student or stylists will wear. Hence, first eyeglass guide will help you to know the number, fashion, size, colour and stuff you should procure.


Before you choose the type of lens you will wear, you have to understand the second eyeglass guide. The essence of this eyeglass guide is that your complexion and facial terrain is essential in choosing lens that will speak volume of your identity.

When colour of your eyeglass suits your complexion, your beauty radiates like the sun. Glasses guide for colour-complexion states that you need a mastery of effects of varying shades of colour of eyeglass so as to avoid jeopardizing your health in the name of fashion.

A healthy eyeglass guide says that some colours have some particular effect on the body. For instance, red has been found to have an exciting effect on the body while at the same time speeds up metabolism; Blue and green colours have soothing impacts on the nervous system; Yellow and orange have cheering and positive impacts on the body, etc. So choose wisely.


How do you know your facial terrain? This glasses guide says that you should simply mark out your facial contours hopefully with the use of straight-on photos; then, chose a frame shape that matches figure of your face.

Importantly, the size of the frame should have a correlation with your face. In line with this eyeglass guide, if you have a small face, then, small frame is nice for you, also if you have large face, large frame is suitable for you.

In the light of the above, eyeglass guide has it that virtually all frames will harmonize an oval face. But you have to work it out with the most fashionable ones in the market to see the one that fits perfectly.

According to this eyeglass guide, rectangular frame will give your face a long figure; You may minimize jagged edges of your face by making curvy and smooth frames your choice; To bring your eyes to light and reduce breadth of your temple, adhere to this eyeglass guide by choosing smooth rimless frame; make more noticeable your eyes by wearing triangular frames.

This eyeglass guide for frame choice is significant- choose standard shapes such as rectangular or oval shapes with conventional colours with plastic frame to appear elegantly perfect. However, men are advised to go for black, silver or brown colour since it’s simple and traditional; while women are admonished to wear golden tones, silver, etc.


This eyeglass guide has to do with choice of suitable lens in line with your need. For what purpose do you need eyeglass? Is it because of bad eye sight or fashion? The essence of this eyeglass guide is to see lens from perspectives of corrective lens and others, which include fashion glass- sunglass, etc.

The fundamental nature of eyeglass guide for corrective lens is to amend refractive errors of the eye by adjusting actual focal point of the eyes retina to specific needs of each individual. This type of lens is used to improve vision by correcting shortsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia of sufferers.

Basically, fashion eyeglasses are worn by men and women to make them look stylish. Eyeglass guide for fashion says it is non prescription eyeglass, which helps to safeguard your eyes from rays of the sun and ultraviolent radiation.


Do not neglect this eyeglass guide. If all you care when you go to buy anything is brand name, then pause. My cherished eyeglass guide is: brand is good, better is suitability of the eyeglass and best is function of your eyeglass. So whenever you walk into that store to buy an eyeglass, be mindful of my best eyeglass guide. Pick up a suitable eyeglass, both in colour, size and frame material.


If use of corrective lens is not your crucial goal, elegance in your fashion is the ultimate goal. The eyeglass guide that has to do with frame size should be of concern to you. To achieve smartness in your appearance, you need to pick a suitable lens and frame shape that perfects your beauty.

What you desire is elegant perfection in your look. The above eyeglass guide will help you bring out the best from your choice of frames, ensure that the frame is closely fitted to your eyebrow; positioned in such a way that your pupil is at the middle, and hang soothingly on your face. Such is the recommendation of a complete eyeglass guide. 

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For more information on eyeglasses and lenses, check back regularly as we are always adding new articles to the glasses guide.

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