Eye Surgery Cost

What does eye surgery cost? That depends on the problem you’re having fixed!

There are different types of eye problems, requiring different operations to correct.

Additionally, some ophthalmologists may have different rates, as well.

In big cities where the cost of living is high, a doctor may have to charge more because his overhead is much higher.

In a smaller community, prices could be lower. How much the doctor makes from the surgery is about the same.

The most common eye surgery is LASIK treatment. Since its development, many people have opted for this surgery to eliminate the need for eyeglasses.


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The surgeon uses a precision instrument, to make a tiny slit on the cornea, creating a small flap. The flap is gently lifted in order for the laser to reach the area underneath. The laser energy is applied to the cornea, reshaping it to improve your vision.

Once the laser treatment is complete, the flap is put back into place and allowed to heal naturally. No stitches are required.

Another method, the blade-free method of LASIK, doesn’t even require the cornea to be cut.

If your cornea layer is too thin to be safely cut to create the flap, the surgeon may remove the surface layer of your cornea in order to reshape the corneal bed. The actual reshaping is the same as with the standard LASIK treatment to correct vision problems, and is usually only used when a flap can not be created.

Laser eye surgery has been proven effective in correcting myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Generally, the eye surgery cost for this treatment starts at around $500 per eye. As technology advances, costs come down. When LASIK was first invented you would have paid more than twice that.

You may have seen ads for less than one hundred dollars per eye for laser surgery. Read the fine print. In most cases this surgery is very simple, and will not correct the majority of vision problems. Or the doctor may not have much experience, and is offering deep discounts to practice on improving his skill.

Correcting Reading Vision

As you get older, the crystalline lens in your eye gradually loses some of its elasticity. This makes it difficult to focus on small print, or perform fine tasks like threading a needle. This condition is called presbyopia. On average, people begin to notice the affects around the age of forty.

You should go to your eye doctor for prescription reading eyeglasses, but most people grab ready-made reading glasses available in most drug stores and department stores, because they are much cheaper. Many of these cheap reading glasses can actually harm your eyes. Doctor-prescribed lenses are much better for your eyes, since they are designed specifically for you, made to address your specific needs.

There is no way to avoid presbyopia. It is part of the natural aging process, where our bodies just gradually stop working the way they did when we were younger. Even if you have never had any vision problems or any trauma to your eyes, you can still be affected by presbyopia.

Fortunately, the magic of science has developed various procedures to help with this problem. The eye surgery cost of these procedures is similar to the costs of LASIK treatments.

However, in most cases the surgery does not entirely eliminate the need for reading glasses for people over the age of forty. In other words, it sounds good, but really you would just be wasting your money if you choose to have one of these procedures.

Going to India

To reduce the cost of LASIK eye surgery, many people are flocking to India. (This is known as medical tourism.) The doctors must be extremely cheap over there, because you would think the cost of the flight would be more than the cost of the operation closer to home.

The doctors are just as highly trained and experienced, but it is a long way to travel for eye surgery.

If you experience any vision problems, you should see your doctor right away. The cause may be more serious than just natural aging. If surgery is needed or recommended, your doctor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the eye surgery cost.

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