Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

So you have lost an eyelash, or two, or ten, and you find yourself wondering, do eyelashes grow back? The answer is yes!

How long it will take to re-grow them, however, is a whole other question:

Many people, especially women often ask, “Do eyelashes grow back?” The simple answer is “yes.”

If eyelashes did not grow back, anyone over the age of fifty would be without eyelashes.

Just like any other hair on your body, eyelashes have a cycle.

Various situations can make your eyelashes fall out.

You may rub your eyes too much, or you may have a false eyelash malfunction and pull out your lashes accidentally.

Some of your hair, like your lashes, have a limit. They will only grow to a certain length.

Other hair, like the hair on your head, has a longer growth potential. But, it too has a limit.

That is why some people are able to grow their hair down to their ankles, and others are not.

Another factor is your follicles.

Strong follicles allow for stronger and longer hair growth.

Weaker follicles result in hair loss.

That is why some people go bald and others don’t. And that is why some people have long, lustrous eyelashes, and others have short stubby ones.

So for some of us, the question is not one of do eyelashes grow back, but WHEN will MY eyelashes grow back?

Eyelash Basics

Eyelashes are a beautiful addition to the human face.

Fringing the eyes, eyelashes have a way of drawing attention to the eye; making it appear larger and lending them extra expression and emphasis. But they are far more than natural decorative fringe; they are also the eye’s first and most basic line of defense.

The eye is an extremely sensitive and specialized part of the human body, and, along with eyelids, eyelashes are an incredibly important safety feature.

Not only do they keep out foreign objects like dust and small particles, they also serve as sensors that feel the displacement of air made by a moving object and let the eye know there is something moving toward it before the object arrives, enabling the eyelid to close in self-defense.

But regardless of how useful or even how beautiful they are, eyelashes are made up of human hair and, like human hair, they are subject to certain cycles of growth and development.

Do eyelashes grow back is not just a merely question based in vanity – it is an essential eye care concern.

How eyelashes grow from Wikipedia

Eyelash Cycles – When do eyelashes grow back?

Do eyelashes grow back at a pre-determined speed?

Human hair, whether it is on the head, the face or the body, all goes through three separate and distinct stages during its lifetime.

Depending on during which phase you lose (or remove) an eyelash will determine how long it will take for your eyelashes to grow back. These are the active growth phase, the catagen phase and the telogen phase.

Active Growth Phase: Unlike, say, scalp hair, which takes 2-6 years to complete an active growth phase, eyelashes only take 30-45 days to grow to their full length. During the active growth phase an eyelash will not fall out unless it is plucked or pulled out. If an eyelash is cut during this phase, it will continue to grow, though it will not grow to the length of its fellow eyelashes. If it falls or is pulled out, it will not re-grow until not only the active growth, but the catagen phase is completed (which means you could be looking at several months re-growth time).

The Catagen Phase. The catagen phase is one of transition. During this time period (usually 2-3 weeks in length) the eyelash is no longer growing and the follicle is not actively making hair. If the eyelash comes out or is removed during this period, it will stay missing until the catagen phase is complete. Combined with the minimum growth time in the active growth cycle, you could be looking at up to two months re-growth time.

The Telogen Phase. The telogen phase is a resting time. All hair on the human body has a talogen (or resting) phase of aproximately 100 days. After this point, the hair will fall out on its own.

If an eyelash is lost during the telogen phase, no cycle was interrupted (it’s already at the end of its cycle) which means that a new growth cycle will be initiated once the eyelash falls out, meaning that you will have a new eyelash (or eyelashes) in as little as a month.

As you can see, while it will probably be a relief that you do not need to worry about ” Do eyelashes grow back ?”, however keep in mind that it is not an instantaneous process, and you may have to wait a bit to see your new lashes, so make sure you treat your lashes well while you have them.

Medication to help eyelashes grow back

How to Lose Your Lashes

Just as with the hair on their head, some people cannot leave their lashes alone. They have to paint them up with mascara, and torture them with lash curlers.

Mascara dries out your lashes; curlers pull them right out of their roots, but that is not enough. You have to remove that mascara. The remover you use can seep down into your follicles and dry them out. This leads to damaged cells. Once you damage the cells in your follicles, you decrease the chances of your lashes growing back.

Eyelashes were not put on your lids merely for looks, they serve a very important function. Your lashes are a safety feature for your eyes. They try to block objects that get to close to your eyes. The tiny lashes can trap many small particles too small for the eye to see, and keep them from entering your eyes.

How Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Like all of the hair on your body, your eyelashes have a cycle. This cycle or life span of eyelashes is much shorter than scalp hair, but the stages are basically the same.

Do eyelashes grow back? Yes, but in stages:

The first stage, called anagen, is the active growing stage. This phase lasts about thirty to forty days.

The second phase is catagen. During this stage, growth stops, and the sheath of the outer eyelash root shrinks. The follicle isn’t producing new hair at this stage. This phase lasts about two to three weeks. If your eyelash falls out during this phase, it cannot grow back until the phase is over.

Most hair falls out during the third, telogen, phase. During this stage, your hair rests for approximately 100 days, and then falls out. Once it falls out, a new eyelash will begin to grow almost immediately. All of your eyelashes are at different stages in this cycle. Otherwise you would be completely without lashes every few months.

With new eyelashes growing all the the time, you may wonder why your lashes all appear to be the same length. If you examine your eyelashes carefully under a microscope, you will see that the lengths vary. But, since the final stage, when the hair is resting and doesn’t grow, is the longest stage, many of your lashes are the same length.

If all of your lashes fall out at the same time, you should see your doctor right away. This could simply mean a lack of protein in your diet, or it could be the result of something serious.

People try all sorts of tricks to promote longer, lusher lashes. Dabbing castor, olive, or coconut oil on your lids before bed may provide your follicles with extra nutrients, and make your lashes grow stronger. This hasn’t been scientifically proven, but many women believe it works.

Another trick is petroleum jelly. The jelly makes your lashes appear fuller, but whether they actually are has not been proven.

So, if someone asks do eyelashes grow back, you can tell them not to worry. Except in extreme situations, like a disease or severe injury, eyelashes do grow back.

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