Computer Reading Glasses

Spend heaps of time in front of a computer screen? You need to know about computer reading glasses!

Regardless of whether you are using your computer for work or for pleasure, you might be suffering from symptoms related to a new disorder called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

This new disorder is characterized by eye strain related headaches, most commonly caused by eye muscle fatigue.

CVS is brought about by the constant strain placed on your eyes as you stare at the small type and bright computer screen. The most commonly-sought relief for this increasing problem is a good pair of reading glasses.

Computer reading glasses have special anti-glare properties.

While it is true that ordinary reading glasses can provide some relief, a much better choice is a pair of computer reading glasses. These are specifically designed to bring relief from the stress and strain we put on our eyes while we sit in front of the computer.

Computer work is the new normal

Computer-related work is now very common, as almost all types of businesses require at least a portion of their employee’s time be spent woring with information. This might be done on a laptop, at a desktop computer, a computerized point-of-sale device, or now probably a handheld tablet.

Computer reading glasses save your eyesight and can also be sexy.

In fact, handheld mobile devices are becoming almost as common as desktop computers once were. The smaller screen means you have to strain your eyes even more, to see the small type, and decipher the data stream needed to complete your work.

There are special reading glasses designed to reduce the glare of the computer screen, which is the primary cause of eye strain. They are also much better suited for reading the small type, or even strange fonts encountered while you are surfing the internet, entering data, or writing computer code.

These glasses have been shown to reduce the effects of computer-related eye strain, including diminishing the frequency and severity of eye strain-related headaches. They also help you see your work more clearly. This reduces the number of mistakes you might make, thereby increasing your efficiency and productivity.

Eye strain affects everyone

Despite the fact that a majority of current computer users are adults who use the devices for work, computer-related eye strain is not limited to this demographic. Young and old alike are susceptible to eye strain caused by screen time.

In fact, students are now discouraged from using handheld devices, laptops or tablet computers, except when they absolutely have to. Spending hours hunched over these devices, reading, performing complex mathematical computations, or writing computer code can ruin your eyesight.

If you already wear glasses, you may still find yourself straining to see the computer. You may be relying on ordinary reading glasses or prescription glasses to help, when you should be using proper reading glasses for computers instead. Having existing vision problems makes it more likely you will suffer from computer-related strain, regardless of the fact you might be wearing your prescription eyeglasses the entire time.

Finding the right computer reading glasses

Before deciding on a pair of reading glasses for your computer work, it is important to discuss your particular vision problems with your eye doctor. She will be the right person to decide exactly what sort of computerreading glasses will work for you, based on the current strength of your vision and your particular needs.

How long you spend in front of your computer, the environment in which you work, and the strength of your vision all have a great impact on what sort of vision problems you might be having, and what the correct course of action is for you to find relief.

You should try on the computer reading glasses before you buy, making certain they are a good fit and do not produce too much pressure on the bridge of your nose, or the backs of your ears. Once you have found the perfect pair of computer reading glasses, the strain on your eyes will be greatly diminished.

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Updated: June 11, 2013 — 4:38 pm

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