Circle Lenses – Big Eye Lenses

Circle lenses are also known as “Big Eye” contact lenses.

Some girls are blessed with big, beautiful eyes and have no need for big eye lenses. Other women are not that lucky. That is why circle lenses were developed.

These lenses give the appearance of making a wearers eyes much larger than in real life.

They expand the visible iris size and give a look of dolls eyes or an anime look.

Teenagers and young adults are particularly fond of their use.

Typically, Asian women tend to have smaller eyes. You have seen anime characters. For some reason their eyes take up most of their face. This likely due to the “grasss is greener” effect with Asian anime developers having smaller eyes. They seem to be fascinated by large, doll-like eyes. We all seem to want what we don’t have.

What are circle lenses?

Caucasians have very light skin, so they spend every sunny day trying to get a tan, or they spend hundreds of dollars at tanning salons.

Asian women seem to want large eyes. Now, someone has invented a way to make their eyes appear larger and more alluring. You just plop circle lenses into your eyes.

Circle lenses are not just for Asian women, although at this point they seem to be the biggest consumers of this new technology.

circle lenses

How Do They Work?

You might think in order to make your eyes appear bigger, you will have to stick a giant lens into your eye. This is not the case. The actual size of the circle lens is the same as a regular contact lens, approximately 14mm. The difference is that the circle lens covers more area.

The lens is colored, so if you wish to change the color of your eyes, you can. Or, you can get a pair that match your natural eye color.

The color is what makes your eyes appear larger. Unlike typical colored lenses, where the color only covers your iris, with a big eye lens, the colored part is larger. With a larger iris, your eyes have the appearance of being bigger.


Aside from making your eyes look alluring and sexy, circle lenses come in more styles and designs than regular colored contact lenses. The color blends naturally, so no one will ever know you are wearing them. Plus, they are very inexpensive. You can get a full year’s supply at many online retailers for a very reasonable price, and you don’t need a prescription.

Not needing a prescription can also be considered a drawback. You should not mess with your eyes. Putting pieces of glass or flexible plastic directly onto your eyeball is very tricky. One wrong move and you could scratch your eye. You could accidentally introduce dirt or other foreign objects onto your eye.

If you trap dirt or dust between the lens and your eyeball, at the very minimum you will experience great discomfort. It is quite likely you will end up with an eye infection, or worse.

Of course, the lenses come clean and sanitized. They are designed to be worn on this very sensitive part of your body. But many things can happen to that little piece of glass from the time you take it out of its box and lift it up to your eye.

Additionally, if you do not have your eyes examined by a professional, and just pick up a pair of these to improve your appearance, you may actually damage your vision.

Corrective lenses are called that for a reason. They actually correct your vision, and in many cases can repair your eyes. Wearing contacts or eyeglasses just for the sake of looks can be very damaging to the health of your eyes and your vision.

Are they legal?

In most Asian countries, circle lenses are completely legal and accepted as a fashion accessory. The western world does not share this view. Contact lenses are considered a medical device and in most states, cannot be sold without a prescription. But that does not stop many companies from selling them anyway.

Originally they were produced solely in Korea but production has now expanded westward, the majority of these lenses however are still produced in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

They have been made more popular recently with their use by music celebrity Lady Ga Ga and other celebrities.

Big eye contact lenses are available to purchase through many online contact lens retailers.

However many medical bodies, including the FDA in the USA, have not given their seal of approval to these lenses.

There are concerns that with improper use and incorrect fitting the oxygen supply to the eye may be depleted and there is also the possibility of serious eye infection with consequent permanent vision loss.

As in all cases of contact lens wear, consult an optometrist or medical eye practitioner for advice, even if ultimately you purchase your contact lenses via a website.

You can also buy them online from Asian stores. So, if you really want to try big eye lenses for yourself, there are many places online where you can find them.

Discover more about the development of the circle contact lens.

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