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Most Advanced Laser Assisted Cataract Extraction (LACE™) Surgery is Now Available Only at Braverman Eye Center

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 24, 2013 Now eliminate distorted and blurry vision with the most advanced Cataract Laser Surgery only at the Braverman Eye Center. They specialize in performing laser Assisted Cataract Extraction Surgery (LACE™) in Miami offering an unsurpassed accuracy in removing cataracts with a quick recovery time. Their systems help surgeons to perform […]

What does a mandate statement include?

A mandate statement outlines what an organization must do according to its own by-laws and the rules of higher authorities. Mandate statements include both formal restrictions (for instance, requirements of law) and informal restrictions. Significance Rather than a mission statement, which outlines an organization’s purpose, or a vision statement, which describes an ideal outcome, a […]

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