Armani Exchange Sunglasses

Armani Exchange Sunglasses are more than just eye protection.

For many people, sunglasses are their own personal trademark and for many more, sunglasses are a fashion statement.

Nothing combines fashion and functionality better than a pair of Armani Exchange Sunglasses.

Armani is famous for designing some of the coolest fashions and accessories in the world.

Put on an Armani suit, and heads will turn. It instantly tells the world you have money, and also that you have exquisite taste in style and fashion.

Armani Exhange Sunglasses

Sunglasses add the extra touch to complete the look. Armani sunglasses say that you are not a person to wear just any old pair of glasses, you only wear the best.

With Armani Exchange Sunglasses, you take that statement one step farther by showing the world you believe in good value for your money. The Armani exchange line is known for superior craftsmanship and high quality materials, while remaining affordable for the average person.

Armani Exchange products first appeared in U.S. markets in 1991. Created by Giorgio Armani, the product line is famous for its provocative advertisement campaigns and its popularity with the young, hip Hollywood crowd.

The Armani Exchange division designs, manufactures and distributes retailfashions and various lifestyle products, such as clothing, accessories, sunglasses, watches and fine jewelry.

The extreme designs are inspired by the trends in street chic fashions, pop culture and pop music. The Armani Exchange product line is considered the most accessible. The products are moderately priced, and fit easily into most budgets, with the majority of the products selling below $100.


Sunglasses were originally developed to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight. In sunny climates, the bright sunlight is very painful for the average eye, but even more so for those with sensitive eyes.

Beware of wearing sunglasses in the belief that you’re protecting yourself from harmful UV. The jury is out on their effectiveness. Many experts believe sunglasses do more harm to your vision than the sunlight will. But, that does not stop billions of people from wearing them.

Some healthcare professionals promote the use of sunglasses. These experts believe the powerful UV rays and blue light can cause physical eye problems by damaging the eye itself.

Armani Exchange Sunglasses looking great on Giorgio Armani himself.

In the early twentieth century, a new form of sunglasses was developed. Prescription glasses were fitted with a special lens that would darken in bright light and return to a clear glass indoors. This helped people that were in and out of bright conditions frequently. It removed the need to carry around two pairs of eyeglasses.

Some eye professionals swear by them, that is why they prescribe them to patients. Others claim they are detrimental to the health of the eye.

Sunglasses are frequently associated with the rich and famous. Since the mid-1930s, when Hollywood really started to make world-famous movie stars, celebrities would often wear sunglasses to try to hide their identity from eager fans. Today, sunglasses are mostly used to look cool.

Laying on the beach, or participating in extreme snow sports, are about the only situations that actually require the use of sunglasses. Under direct sunlight, having a little protection for your sensitive eyes is a good idea. Even with your eyes closed, your retina or iris may still be damaged. The thin layer of skin on your lids is not sufficient protection to prevent all damage.

The way the sun reflects off of the snow is probably even worse than the sun you get on the beach. Even though the sand will reflect a certain amount of sun, it is not as bad as snow blindness.

Some cheap sunglasses will actually impair your vision, and should never be worn while driving. The new HD sunglasses correct much of this.

Armani Exchange sunglasses are high quality sunglasses and will not impair your vision under any circumstances.

Where to get them

Armani Exchange sunglasses and other products are available at various online stores and at the exclusive Armani stores.

They are currently being sold in 231 stores in 26 countries.

The company plans to expand and open several more stores in various cities around the world.

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