Acuvue 2 Contact Lenses

Acuvue 2 Contact lenses are the contact lenses being marketed by Johnson and Johnson.

These lenses are known to offer the advantages of crisp and clear vision.

Why else are these contact lenses so popular?

A major reason is enhanced comfort and the benefits that come from frequent replacement.

Check out any consumer site. What users appreciate most is being able to leave contact lenses in overnight and being able to take lenses in and out easily.

Once too expensive and simply contrary to traditional thinking, the world of contacts has now been turned upside with the advent of disposable lenses that actually provide BETTER VISION AND BETTER COMFORT!

Consider this combination of features:

1. Different colors available so that you can look better as well as see better. Seriously. It is amazing what a change of eye color can do to lift the appearance. This is a valuable cosmetic feature that has suddenly become fun and affordable.

2. Beyond correction! Do you know that over 70% of consumers get better than 20/20 vision with Accuvue 2s?

3. EASY PEASY! As well as being very easy to insert and remove, each lense carries an “Inside-out” mark to ensure you will always know how to get it right first time.

4. There is even a special visibility tint that makes it much easier to see your contacts. (This seems kije a no brainer!. Of course contacts wearers have weakened vision so why did it take so long to develop easy to see, easy to find contacts?)

5. Protection from damaging sun and light. You already have weaker vision and DO NOT want any avoidable eye damage. Acuvue 2 contact lensesfeature UVA and UVB blocking.

Depending on whether you move at night or leave in continuously, you will need to replace your Acuvue 2s every 1 – 2 weeks.

acuvue 2 contact lens

These lenses are generally tinted in nature and thus are very easy to handle and they also do not change the color of an individual’s eye with the standard visibility tint.

However, colored versions to change the appearance of eye color are also available.

The prime objective of the tint in these lenses is to ensure the contact lenses can be easily located in the solution.

There is an inside-out “AV” indicator that is present in these lenses.

Thus, they help in ensuring appropriate application as well as insertion.

There are other versions also available for these lenses that are Enhancer and Opaque color versions.

The enhancer versions are generally available with the objective of enhancing the light eyes while the opaque color versions are generally designed with the objective of changing the color of one’s eyes completely. 

Lens details:

– 2 weeks daily wear OR Continuous wear (never remove, sleep in them) for 7 days.

– 8.3 AND 8.7 contact lens base curve

– 14.0 diameter

These Acuvue contact lenses block up 82% UV-A and 97% UV-B light.

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Updated: February 18, 2014 — 12:24 am

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