39 Dollar Eyeglasses

39 Dollar Eyeglasses were primarily developed by optometrists and eye doctors.

Their objective? Helping eyeglass wearing people acquire high quality vision correction glasses and finished prescription glasses through an online route.

In other quality eyeglasses quickly and affordably.

This was ensured by bypassing the different expensive free standing offline optical retail establishments.

The use of the same high quality lens and frame materials are however still used even in this case. However,eyewear products are offered to the end consumers at a heavy discount because of the huge volumes that is possible with global online supply of prescription eyewear.

This is because the infrastructural cost and the selling & operating cost are much more economical than involved in setting up a retail establishment itself.

39 dollar glasses

This is because running a website and running a business through a website is much more economical than by operating through a physical retail establishment in itself.

The savings that so result can be passed on the end consumers in the form of the heavy discounts.

It is possible to get any of the different frames available from the company on a discount.

The frames from this company can be ordered online as prescription sunglasses.

The company also supplies bifocal sunglasses as well.

Additionally, the 39 dollars company provides a 100 % online quality guarantee for all orders on complete pairs of eyeglasses.

Why so cheap?

The reason why high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses can be bought for $39 is because the owners of this optical online store who are mainly eye doctors strive to provide customers with an inexpensive solution for their eye needs.

These hard-working professionals realized from years of practice and experience that they can make a difference and bypass high-priced retailenterprises and offer precision and long-lasting products at a reduced cost. How? Just by keeping things simple.

39dollarglasses.com is able to pass on large discounts to their customers by avoiding unnecessary overhead costs such as fancy and over-the-top counter displays, employees working over-the-counter and space rental.

What lenses are available?

The wide selection of 39 dollar eyeglasses and sunglasses available from this website is not only considered high-quality but also consist of top brands such as Varilux No-Line Bifocals and Transition Lenses.

Another lens available for 39dollar eyeglasses is the ultra-light Polycarbonate lens. It is the safest lens type and is, in fact, required for all types of children’s eyewear. Polycarbonate is lightweight but durable and is used to make bulletproof glass. So eyeglass lenses made with this material is impact-resistant and is ideal, not only for children but also for individuals who need eye protection.

Customers can also get anti-reflective coating for their 39 dollar eyeglasses. This coating makes it possible for people to look through the lens and see the eyes. It provides clear and sharp vision by improving light transmission through the lenses and is highly recommended for driving at night and for computer use.

$ 39 Dollar Eyeglasses

Every Order with $39 Eyeglasses Includes:

Thin and light hi index Prescription Lenses

100% UV Protected lenses

Tough anti scrtach coatings

Ultra-soft lens Cleaning Cloth

Comfortavle stylish Hard Case

100% Quality Guarantee

KnowledgeableExpert Customer Support

and finally Next-Day USA delivery.

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